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Ananya Shelters through its signature project Ananya’s Nana Nani Homes envisages an adorable residence for the retired with best ever modern day amenities and dedicated residential services to make life after 50s stress free, self-reliant and enlivening.

Senior Living For You!!

Our Nana Nani Homes at our Senior Living projects as a residential option for our senior living Community residents with various ageing-related needs and services. An assessment for senior living is really a gainful gathering between a senior consideration network and their potential or current occupant, and when fitting, their relatives, as well. There's nobody type fits all methodology with regards to senior living. Everybody has a one of a kind circumstance and care needs to consider. When addressing what care level or living style may be directly for yourself or a friend or family member, realize that you are not the only one. Senior living networks can help give answers and suggestions to enable you to settle on educated choices about what might be best for yourself or a friend or family member by completing an assessment. An evaluation for senior living is actually a beneficial meeting between a senior care community and their potential or current resident, and when appropriate, their family members, too. There’s no one-type fits all approach when it comes to senior living. Everyone has a unique situation and care needs to consider. When questioning what care level or living style might be right for yourself or a loved one, know that you are not alone. Senior living communities can help provide answers and recommendations to help you make informed decisions about what may be best for yourself or a loved one by doing an evaluation.

It is common knowledge that health becomes priority after retirement. As a prerequisite to it, nothing can substitute a healthy pollution free environment. Keeping this in mind, we are selective in choosing locations that have both urban and rural advantage. To ensure sustained good health and timely medical attention, we feel duty bound to exert utmost discretion and render continual efforts in matters of food, fitness and medical services.


Finally, as the core of our concept, we would like Ananya’s Nana Nani Retirement Homes to foster an active retirement life rather than play the role of a passive retirement home. We believe that the way we organize and manage recreational activities, events and festivities that people above Retirement would love, will not only nurture good health and great spirits in them but also enhance the overall vibe of the community. This commitment keeps us in flux and reminds us that our task is a continuous one and far from over.

Today, Nana Nani Retirement home is synonymous with an active community where we replicate traditions of the larger bounds of the society within the endearing boundaries of our community, in our own aesthetic ways, to inspire people to fall in love with their retirements.

What Nana Nani Homes Stands For

Ananya’s Nana Nani Retirement Homes offer a perfect living environment for people above Retirement years of age. It is a hearty natural environment with green and clean surroundings. It offers luxurious infrastructural facilities custom built for those above Retirement years. It is a secure gated indwelling with amenities like medical facilities, temples, meditation hall, parks, walkways, swimming pool, club houses and other recreational facilities. It is a self-sustaining community that offers everyday services of emergency support, hosts regular events during festivals to celebrate religious fervour and art. And to top it all, it is a wonderful, self-reliant and mutually supportive congregation of residents, which will make you love your Retirement's and the golden years from then on.

The primary function of a retirement home is to provide safe and comfortable assistance with the activities of daily living. Included in this list of required needs are bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, continence. Each senior has a different level of assistance needed with these activities when first entering or choosing a retirement facility, but future requirements may increase as a senior ages so continuing care needs should be assessed

Other seniors happily find that once they are part of retirement communities, they can do activities that they were not able to enjoy without assistance. More energy can be used for personal pleasure within their senior years with the support of a retirement home. When daily living tasks are the main focus of healthcare in a retirement home, it allows a senior to think about other parts of life, whether it be family, creating friendships, enjoying personal hobbies and activities in the retirement home or just simply enjoying the peace of mind that comes with safe, quality care.

The ease of completing daily tasks all within one retirement facility also dramatically increases the amount of empowerment and self-determination felt for an aging individual. The daily struggles of an aging adult living in their own home can become insurmountable when attempting to transport and organize themselves. This causes some of these daily living tasks to become impossible to complete for seniors. When these barriers of access are removed by providing all their daily needs under one roof in a retirement home, a senior’s independence may increase.

All retirement homes are not created equally, nor do they all provide the same level of care. Although all retirement homes are tightly regulated by law, there are significant differences between each retirement option. There are a variety of settings where care is provided, depending on number factors like the population size of seniors needing attention within a community. Large cities tend to have more retirement options and choices for eldercare, but the level of care is not necessarily superior to the retirement living alternatives in smaller cities and towns. Smaller areas tend to have retirement facilities that seniors have grown to know over their lives. They realize that other residents have been long-term friends or members of their community and there is value in seniors having familiarity as the processes of moving and aging are incredibly stressful.

Some large retirement homes are like shared living communities, where each resident has their own room or suite and then shares the common activity areas like dining halls, restaurants, activity areas including a variety of active lifestyle and fitness options, meeting rooms, small stores or areas dedicated to providing a range of extra amenities, and areas for family and visitors to enjoy with their loved

Many seniors that are using retirement home are in the process of transitioning between increased levels of care. Some are returning from hospital stays or after rehabilitation facilities from strokes or are progressively needing more attention. Some seniors do best in smaller retirement facilities, wings or wards because areas and size of the retirement facility are more modest, there are fewer residents, and the faces of staff tend to be repetitive and familiar. Although they may not offer swimming pools or fancy facilities, there is something more valuable to be found for those seniors needing this type of care.If you have more information, we welcome you to reach out to or visit one of our Nana Nani senior care communities throughout the Coimbatore region, tamilnadu, India. Find a Nana Nani Homes Senior Living community near you and contact us today!