Live Where Your Heart Finds Peace

Home defines itself as a place where one’s body finds comfort in, mind appeased and heart in jubilation and joy. It is like a stage that straddles every act one desires to perform, watchful of every mood and scene life enacts. It is a habitat for dwelling that shields us from the grim side of nature. It is a domicile for existence that withstands calamities, guards resources and lets us live forgetting our fears. Home thus translates into comfort, companionship and safety.

But as age progresses, these needs find a much pertinent meaning. The details of life become all the more evident as one strives to fulfill one’s needs against the odds of growing physical limitations. It is like a new terrain in life to tread ahead; a new era in life to live through. This is when smaller changes can make a greater difference. There must have been an age when we adapted to the facilities of home. Now is the time when our home needs to adapt to the changing needs of life.

Retire Unto Soothing Comforts

Ananya’s Nana Nani Homes are built exclusively for the retired. Hence its infrastructural planning, material resources and expertise can be seen from the detailed attention with which it has been built. From the height of stairs to the texture of the tiles, rails, design, the positioning of facilities within your home and within the community, accessibility to emergency services and convenience to reach them and the eminently promising features at Ananya’s Nana Nani Homes will help you retire unto soothing comforts.

Worry Not About Safety

It is unfortunate that aged people living alone in our society are vulnerable to theft related crimes. They become soft targets for perpetrators of crime. But living in a securely guarded community can rid them of such fears. At Ananya’s Nana Nani Homes, safe accommodation of residents is ensured through a robust security infrastructure supported by surveillance systems and dependable round the clock security establishment.