Ananya Shelters through its signature project Ananya’s Nana Nani Homes envisages an adorable residence for the retired with best-ever modern day amenities and dedicated residential services to make life after 50 stress-free, self-reliant and enlivening. In pursuit of our vision, we are keen on creating inclusive residential environments with impeccable infrastructural advantages wherein several of the frequented facilities like ATMs, Pharmacy, Clinic/Labs for regular check-ups, Dining hall, Ayurvedic spa, etc., are brought within the community so that residents need not commute long distances in search of them.
We believe that an ideal retirement home should remove the stress out of everyday living because after an age, even regular household chores can seem cumbersome. Keeping in mind even trivial details that can make a significant difference, we constantly strive towards sustaining dependable residential services that can offload the burden of household upkeep. It is common knowledge that health becomes a priority after retirement. As a prerequisite to it, nothing can substitute a healthy, pollution-free environment. Keeping this in mind, we are selective in choosing locations that have both urban and rural advantage. And to ensure sustained good health and timely medical attention, we feel duty bound to exert utmost discretion and render continual efforts in matters of food, fitness and medical services. Finally, as the core of our concept, we would like Ananya’s Nana Nani Homes to foster an active retirement life rather than play the role of a passive retirement home. We believe that the way we organize and manage recreational activities, events and festivities that people above 50 would love, will not only nurture good health and great spirits in them but also enhance the overall vibe of the community. This commitment keeps us in flux and reminds us that our task is a continuous one and far from over. Today, Nana Nani is synonymous with an active community where we replicate traditions of the larger bounds of the society within the gated community.


Our Senior Citizen'sTESTIMONIALS

Place which contains peace, happiness and enlightenment

  • Thank you very much – I am looking forward to attending the function eagerly and live in Nana Nani happily ever after – thank you very much. I will have 3 guests with me on that day (all interested in Nana Nani). Thank you once again.

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    Thank you very much for your cordial and warm invitation. We would definitely be attending the grand inauguration ceremony. We would like to congratulate you and your team (ANANYA) for completing the project successfully. We wish and pray God, you and team Ananya achieve success with many such projects.

  • I am pleased to receive your invitation for the grand Kumbabishekam and handing over function/celebration. Ananya’s reputation in timely completion and professional running of the facility is highly appreciated.

  • Thanks for the invitation for the Inauguration and Kumbabhishekam on 15th Nov 15.The programme drawn up for the occasion is quite impressive. I and my wife will arrive there on 13th Nov as already mentioned to you. Trust you have reserved a room at the guest house at Vadavalli phase 2.We will actively participate in all the events. Thanks once again.

  • Thanks for the clarification. I have also received the Invitation card for the 15th Nov function and I must congratulate you on a very nicely printed card and the program arranged. All this shows your professional approach and I am glad that I am now planning to come for the same with my parents and wife. As winter would have begin to set in at Delhi, I plan that my parents can stay in Nana Nani Homes after 15th Nov 2015 and enjoy the facilities.

  • We are very much delighted to receive your grand invitation for the Maha Kumbabhishekam on 15th Nov. 2015. We are at Mumbai and with the blessings of God, we shall definitely make it to attend the grand function. From the invitation and its presentation we can see the minute details you have gone through and taken care and to ensure Lords Sannidhyam is permanently established. In olden days, only Kings and Maharajas built such great temple due to the love of it.. Now we can see the King in you. We can live in Phase III under the great care of a loving King. I pray to my swami MAHA PERIAVA of kanchi that all your prayers and wishes come true and objectives fulfilled completely. Congratulations on the great achievement which is definitely not small.

  • We acknowledge your Invitation with Grateful Thanks. At the outset please accept our Heartiest Congratulations to You and Your Highly Dedicated and Motivated Team, For the Achievement , Of THE “THIRD LANDMARK” , at Coimbatore. Now Your Administrative Team’s “MOTO” should be ” SERVICE WITH A SMILE”. The Positive Attitude Displayed by your Team, who are going to be involved,in the day to day Administration, will decide the Quality Of Life, which the Residents will enjoy.

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    It is our pride and pleasure that we will be one of the family members of Ananya Shelters Pvt.Ltd,(Nana Nani). I and my wife are very much confident that we will definitely be comfortable and happy without any worries even in the long way to go, at Nana Nani Phase III. We are also very fortunate to have the blessings and wishes of great personalities. We are also happy that the Senior Citizens like us will be tension free and relaxed at Nana Nani Phase III, without any problem as every thing is being taken care of including medical.

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    We are extremely happy to receive Invitation of 15th Ceremony with ur personal message. Yes certainly it will be our pleasure & privilege to attend,receive keys of our Villa 111 & grace the occasion. Also we feel proud to be one of the lucky residents of NN Phase 3 complex which we are sure will stand out as an Edifice of ASPL worthy of its existence as a Model for others to emulate as “ One Stop Total Solutions for Sr. Citizens “ for comfortable living for rest of life. We pray to Lord Guruvayurappan & Lord Vinayaks to Shower Their Choicest Blessings on You,Family & Nana Nani Team for success of ASPL in all future endeavours & wish the Function all success & carry our Asirvathams. We also take this opportunity to thank & congratulate ASPL Mgt & Nana Nani Team.

  • We are very much thankful to you for the invitation extended to us.We are eagerly awaiting to spend the final stages of our life in nana nani.You have kept your word of handing over the keys on the 15th.You and your wonderful staff,ever courteous and eagerness to help will be cherished always by us.


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